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Intel ISEF

Each year over 70 professional organizations, representing a wide variety of scientific disciplines, affiliate with the Intel ISEF as Special Awards Sponsors. These governmental, industrial and educational institutions present scholarships, plaques, summer internships, scientific field trips, subscriptions to professional journals, books and equipment grants to winners at the Intel ISEF.

Special Awards judges are recruited by the sponsoring organization to choose the winners of their awards. The number of judges per organization varies with the scope of the award and the number of finalists to be interviewed. Coordinators of Special Awards should keep in mind that judging at the ISEF takes place over a relatively short period of time and a sufficient number of judges will make selecting winners a less arduous task.

Special Awards Organizations are also asked to select a representative to attend the Special Awards Ceremonies. These representatives will greet student winners as they are called to the stage and pose for a photograph. For photographic purposes, we advise representatives to have an envelope, plaque, or certificate to present to the winners on stage.

Society for Science & the Public assists with pre-fair coordination of Special Awards organizations and their judges by supplying information on housing, travel, and other pertinent fair information. The Judging Chair, through a vice chair for Special Awards, acts as a liaison with these judges and is responsible for providing adequate working space for each Special Awards group. Society for Science & the Public is responsible for collecting and documenting final certification of Special Awards results.



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